Bookmarks for February 20th through February 21st

These are my links for February 20th through February 21st:

  • – Twitter’s secret: the law of unintended consequences:
  • Friendbar :: Firefox Add-ons – Friendbar makes it easy to keep in touch with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • FriendFeed And Twitter Have Not Killed Blogging – FriendFeed And Twitter Have *Not* Killed Blogging
  • LSE Group Blog – Some good comment from an unofficial group weblog of PhD students at the Media dept at the London School of Economics
  • Facette | Facets for Delicious – Facette is a suite of tools allows Delicious users to organize their bookmarks using facets. Facette offers a bookmarks browser that automatically organizes tags in a user's account. Facette also offers an enhanced version of Delicious' tagging tool.
  • Communities and Collaboration – New blog post: Bookmarks for February 19th through February 20th
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Stephen Dale is both an evangelist and practitioner in the use of Web 2.0 technologies and Social Media applications to support personal development and knowledge sharing. He has a deep understanding of how systems and technology can be used to support learning and facilitate smarter working, where connections and conversations are the key to self-development and creativity within the organisation.
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