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Barriers To Knowledge Sharing

Why is it that some organisations still focus on the document, and being able to hold ‘the strategy’ in their hands. We need to be able to hold the strategy in our heads, not our hands and this happens when its implementation is embedded in what the organisation does, day in and day out. Continue reading

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Corporate Memory and Personal Knowledge Management – A Dichotomy?

A presentation for the Managing Partners’ Forum. Separating the needs of the individual and those of then organisation has always been an issue for KM and Learning. At times these needs align, sometimes they need to be reconciled and at other times they diverge, particularly when an individual moves to another organisation. The presentation looks specifically at the changing nature of organisations and the emergent power of networks and networking. Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is a competence we must all learn in order to remain relevant to our organisation. But who ultimately “owns” the ‘corporate’ knowledge that we gather through the workplace networks we nurture and sustain, and do the organisations we work for even recognise the importance of these networks as places for continual learning, knowledge sharing and incubators for innovation? Continue reading

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Create Persistent Searches and Monitor Specific Keywords with the Best Google Alerts Alternative: TalkWalker Alerts

If you are not familiar with this kind of tool, its key purpose is one of actively and persistently search for a set of keywords you specify and to report to you, via RSS/email of any instances of new content mentioning your selected keywords. Continue reading

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MOOC’s – What Are They?

MOOCs and online programs primarily help those who are self motivated to learn, and the vast majority of these people would have figured out how to educate themselves, whether in college or on their own, regardless of whether or not online courses are available. Continue reading

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Personal Knowledge Management

If organisations stopped spending so much time on processes and technology solutions and uncovered the latent potential in employees then real value could be harnessed through Personal Knowledge Management. The goal is to make knowledge workers better at capturing, using and sharing knowledge, and maximising their personal effectiveness in the social and relationship-building part of their jobs. Continue reading

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Social Ecology: Evolution or Revolution? Part 2.

In this Part 2 piece I wanted to look at some of the social ecology trends, and specifically:

– collaborative platforms (or the technology that underpins social networks),
– email (because it is still the biggest consumer of time)
– personal knowledge management (the human algorithm)
– the growing importance of the community manager and the digital curator Continue reading

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What is “Personal Knowledge Management”?

What Personal Knowledge Management means to me. Continue reading

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