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Content Matters – But People Matter More!

I was recently asked to participate in a KM roundtable event that APQC are organising on the subject of Content Management Systems (CMS).  They wanted to gather some perspectives from KM professionals and thought leaders (their wording, not mine) active … Continue reading

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Making The Case For Enterprise Social Networks

Why is it that so many organisations still struggle to (a) understand what an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) is and (b) how it might benefit their business. Despite the fact that social networking technology has been around for over 10 … Continue reading

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Barriers To Knowledge Sharing

Why is it that some organisations still focus on the document, and being able to hold ‘the strategy’ in their hands. We need to be able to hold the strategy in our heads, not our hands and this happens when its implementation is embedded in what the organisation does, day in and day out. Continue reading

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5 New Year resolutions that might make you more interesting (or less annoying).

Having trouble deciding what your New Year resolution should be? Looking for something challenging, or maybe even life changing? Here’s a few behaviour changes to ponder, any one of which would potentially improve my own social media/social networking experience and … Continue reading

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Bullish on digital: McKinsey Global Survey results | McKinsey & Company

See on Scoop.it – The Social Web CEOs and other senior executives are increasingly engaged as their companies step up efforts to build digital enterprises. A McKinsey & Company article. The latest report from McKinsey on the state of digital … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of Social Media And Its Effect On Knowledge Organisation

This presentation examines the industry trends on how social media and social technologies are changing the way that we generate, organise and consume knowledge, and how this is driving emergent digital literacies for knowledge workers. Continue reading

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The 2013 Social Media Landscape [Infographic] – Brian Solis

See on Scoop.it – The Social Web Stephen Dale‘s insight: I’ve kept track of the various iterations of Brian Solis’s Conversation Prism since he first made this available (Version 1) in 2008. This is the latest version (Version 4) which … Continue reading

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Social Ecology: Evolution or Revolution? Part1

The social ecology influences just about everything we do. From the way we communicate, get information, buy and sell, travel, live and learn, to our very health and wellbeing. For those who thrive on change this is might be perceived as just part of human evolution. For those less comfortable with the rapid and disruptive effects it is having on their lives, it might feel more like a revolution, i.e. something they can’t control or influence – and hence the title for this series of posts. Continue reading

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The State Of Social Media 2012

A useful chronology of the key social media events and statistics over the past 12 months. Slightly surprised by the omission of Tumblr, which is predicted to continue its stellar growth in 2013. According to Techcrunch, the company is getting 20 … Continue reading

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Is Social Media Making Us Less Social?

We are increasingly being flooded – bombarded even – by news and information from an ever-increasing number of social media channels. Increasingly, news is coming to us through our friend and interest networks, via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn especially. … Continue reading

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