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The ART of Collaboration (reprise)

I will be giving a talk to delegates from the Knowledge and Innovation Network (KIN) next week on the topic of “Gamification” (the integration of game principles and dynamics into non-game contexts in order to encourage participation).  This reminded me … Continue reading

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9 Facts Every Creative Needs to Know About Collaborative Teams

See on Scoop.it – The Social Web The mere presence of other people can boost your performance, and 8 other research-backed findings about collaboration and teamwork. Stephen Dale‘s insight: A useful list of evidence-based attributes associated with effective team collaboration. … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of Social Media

There has been a lot of hype around social media, social networks and social business, much of it unhelpful in getting real understanding what this is all about. For some people, “social” will always mean frivolity and time wasting. For … Continue reading

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Social Collaboration: it’s the people not the technology, stupid!

Regardless of what labels we give to collaboration technology, the one constant feature is the people, i.e. the staff, the workers, the users. The continuing paradox is that, despite all the evidence of poor adoption rates; the accepted wisdom that “build it and they will come” doesn’t really work, and the oft’ repeated mantra that “it’s not the technology, it’s the people that count”, most collaboration strategies are treated as technology projects and not organisational change management projects. Continue reading

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The ART of Collaboration (2)

Collaboration is at the heart of social networking and the bedrock for effective knowledge sharing. More and more organisations have recognised that encouraging collaboration between staff, stakeholders and customers will enable co-design, co-production and opportunities for innovation to emerge. Continue reading

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The ART Of Collaboration (Collaborative Behaviours)

If people are given the right tools and the right environment, will they spontaneously collaborate and share knowledge? Why do some people find it difficult to share and collaborate? Would incentives and rewards make a difference? This post explores answers to these and other questions about Collaborative Behaviours. Continue reading

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Overcoming Barriers to Workplace Collaboration

Organisations rely on collaboration in order to be successful. Imagine your workplace without any knowledge-sharing or team working. What would happen? Probably very little, as most people rely on collaboration with others in order to be able to do their jobs. If every member of your team attempted to work without drawing on the knowledge of others, they would find themselves unable to do anything pretty quickly. Despite this heavy reliance on collaboration, many people find it difficult, and do it only reluctantly and sometimes ineffectively. How can workplace leaders help their teams to collaborate better? Continue reading

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The Business Of Collaboration

Some Background The last few years can be described as the age of social business and collaboration. The demands and expectations of today’s knowledge workers have been shaped by the plethora of social networks and social media tools. Communicating and … Continue reading

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Communities of Practice: a strategy for more effective collaboration

Acting as a public administrator, it was my privilege to arrange and facilitate a meeting this morning between a delegation from the Government of Singapore and some of the ‘expert’ Community of Practice Facilitators from the local government Community of … Continue reading

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Building and Nurturing On-Line Communities – Batteries Not Included

Much has been written about best practice for developing and nurturing on-line communities , such as Communities of Practice (CoP), and the accepted wisdom is that technology by itself – no matter how good – will NOT deliver vibrant and … Continue reading

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