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Social Media: It’s not the Wild West after all!

If there is one good thing to come out of the Newsnight fiasco, which resulted in the irresponsible and inaccurate smearing of Lord McAlpine on social networks, it’s the challenge to the long-held assumption that Tweeting or blogging defamatory or libellous … Continue reading

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Where Next For Social Media

Technology is no longer something to be feared or avoided – it’s part and parcel of how we live our lives in the 21st century, and it provides us with unprecedented opportunities to understand the world in which we live, and to tap into the collective wisdom of our fellow human beings. It’s good to be alive! Continue reading

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The Search For Intelligence (and filtering out stupidity)

This week’s launch of Twitter’s Tailored Trends, Facebook’s App Center, and Airtime’s safety net is part of the growing recognition that a (very high) percentage of content on the interweb is unaldulterated rubbish with a layer of drivel on top. … Continue reading

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Overcoming Barriers to Workplace Collaboration

Organisations rely on collaboration in order to be successful. Imagine your workplace without any knowledge-sharing or team working. What would happen? Probably very little, as most people rely on collaboration with others in order to be able to do their jobs. If every member of your team attempted to work without drawing on the knowledge of others, they would find themselves unable to do anything pretty quickly. Despite this heavy reliance on collaboration, many people find it difficult, and do it only reluctantly and sometimes ineffectively. How can workplace leaders help their teams to collaborate better? Continue reading

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Engaging the Social Web for Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)

The Social Web for Personal Knowledge Management. A one-day training course that provides a practical and detailed introduction to social media and social/professional networks that will enable delegates to achieve a greater understanding of their context for use and deployment within their organisation and for personal and professional development. Continue reading

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Future Trends in Social Media & Social Networks

The ubiquitous Social Web. At look at the key trends and statistics for social media tools and networks and what it means for us mortals. Continue reading

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Public bodies struggle to cope with Twitter Volume

Evidence (if any was needed) of how public sector bodies are still struggling to understand what social media is all about. In the ‘follow the herd’ instinct by councils and other public sector bodies to set up Twitter accounts, there’s … Continue reading

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Social by Social Game

I’ve had a few people asking about the Social Media Game that is mentioned in the “Web 2.0 Tools for Facilitating Knowledge Management” training event that I ran earlier this week. The game was originally developed by Beth Kanter, David … Continue reading

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The Impact Of The Social Web In 21st Century Organisations

The following was published in the Guardian IT Supplement on Thursday 26th November. It was produced as a leader article for the Online Information Conference 2009. We are witnessing an extraordinary growth in user-generated content, whether it is conversations on … Continue reading

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Top 100 Social Media Tools

Not sure if this is something to be proud of, or ashamed about, but I’m using (or have used) about 70% of the applications in the list. The encouraging thing is to note how many of these applications are free … Continue reading

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