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What’s the point of Jelly?

I have to admit I’m attracted to anything new and shiny, and particularly products and services that aim to create or propagate value through networks and networking. I was therefore intrigued by the recent launch of Jelly, which has the … Continue reading

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5 New Year resolutions that might make you more interesting (or less annoying).

Having trouble deciding what your New Year resolution should be? Looking for something challenging, or maybe even life changing? Here’s a few behaviour changes to ponder, any one of which would potentially improve my own social media/social networking experience and … Continue reading

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The Basic Flipboard Curation Guide

See on – Data Informatics Stephen Dale‘s insight: Flipboard (an App available for iOS and Android) is my favourite app for consuming and sharing inrormation. Relevence is improved by being able to choose the topics you want to follow, … Continue reading

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Create Persistent Searches and Monitor Specific Keywords with the Best Google Alerts Alternative: TalkWalker Alerts

If you are not familiar with this kind of tool, its key purpose is one of actively and persistently search for a set of keywords you specify and to report to you, via RSS/email of any instances of new content mentioning your selected keywords. Continue reading

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What has Yahoo! Actually Acquired: A Snapshot of Tumblr in Q1 2013 – GlobalWebIndex

Yesterday (20th May 2013) Yahoo! finally confirmed its all-cash acquisition of the social media platform, Tumblr. Will there be a conflict of demographics, i.e.Yahoo’s more sedate and aged demographic vs.Tumblr’s young, cool, informed and fickle user-base? Time will tell! Continue reading

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Social Ecology: Evolution or Revolution? Part 2.

In this Part 2 piece I wanted to look at some of the social ecology trends, and specifically:

– collaborative platforms (or the technology that underpins social networks),
– email (because it is still the biggest consumer of time)
– personal knowledge management (the human algorithm)
– the growing importance of the community manager and the digital curator Continue reading

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Social Ecology: Evolution or Revolution? Part1

The social ecology influences just about everything we do. From the way we communicate, get information, buy and sell, travel, live and learn, to our very health and wellbeing. For those who thrive on change this is might be perceived as just part of human evolution. For those less comfortable with the rapid and disruptive effects it is having on their lives, it might feel more like a revolution, i.e. something they can’t control or influence – and hence the title for this series of posts. Continue reading

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Social Media Revolution 2013

I’ve been following Erik Qualman’s Social Media Revolution series since the first one I saw back in 2010. The numbers just keep getting bigger! Previous versions: Social Media Revolution 2010 Social Media Revolution 2011 Social Media Revolution 2012  

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The State Of Social Media 2012

A useful chronology of the key social media events and statistics over the past 12 months. Slightly surprised by the omission of Tumblr, which is predicted to continue its stellar growth in 2013. According to Techcrunch, the company is getting 20 … Continue reading

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Social Collaboration: it’s the people not the technology, stupid!

Regardless of what labels we give to collaboration technology, the one constant feature is the people, i.e. the staff, the workers, the users. The continuing paradox is that, despite all the evidence of poor adoption rates; the accepted wisdom that “build it and they will come” doesn’t really work, and the oft’ repeated mantra that “it’s not the technology, it’s the people that count”, most collaboration strategies are treated as technology projects and not organisational change management projects. Continue reading

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