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13 Social Media Statistics For 2013

Useful to see where we are with Social Media as we approach the end of the year (2013). Nothing too surprising here, i.e. the numbers just get bigger. Key statistics and trends from the Infographic: 30 percent of traffic from … Continue reading

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Bullish on digital: McKinsey Global Survey results | McKinsey & Company

See on Scoop.it – The Social Web CEOs and other senior executives are increasingly engaged as their companies step up efforts to build digital enterprises. A McKinsey & Company article. The latest report from McKinsey on the state of digital … Continue reading

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What has Yahoo! Actually Acquired: A Snapshot of Tumblr in Q1 2013 – GlobalWebIndex

Yesterday (20th May 2013) Yahoo! finally confirmed its all-cash acquisition of the social media platform, Tumblr. Will there be a conflict of demographics, i.e.Yahoo’s more sedate and aged demographic vs.Tumblr’s young, cool, informed and fickle user-base? Time will tell! Continue reading

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Social Media Revolution 2013

I’ve been following Erik Qualman’s Social Media Revolution series since the first one I saw back in 2010. The numbers just keep getting bigger! Previous versions: Social Media Revolution 2010 Social Media Revolution 2011 Social Media Revolution 2012  

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The State Of Social Media 2012

A useful chronology of the key social media events and statistics over the past 12 months. Slightly surprised by the omission of Tumblr, which is predicted to continue its stellar growth in 2013. According to Techcrunch, the company is getting 20 … Continue reading

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Where Next For Social Media

Technology is no longer something to be feared or avoided – it’s part and parcel of how we live our lives in the 21st century, and it provides us with unprecedented opportunities to understand the world in which we live, and to tap into the collective wisdom of our fellow human beings. It’s good to be alive! Continue reading

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The Search For Intelligence (and filtering out stupidity)

This week’s launch of Twitter’s Tailored Trends, Facebook’s App Center, and Airtime’s safety net is part of the growing recognition that a (very high) percentage of content on the interweb is unaldulterated rubbish with a layer of drivel on top. … Continue reading

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Future Trends in Social Media & Social Networks

The ubiquitous Social Web. At look at the key trends and statistics for social media tools and networks and what it means for us mortals. Continue reading

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