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30 ways to fail on Twitter

Culled and curated from a few of my archived blog posts, a few tips on Twitter protocol that might enhance your social media credibility and encourage real people (not Bots) to follow you. However, to conform with the (slightly misleading) … Continue reading

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Making The Case For Enterprise Social Networks

Why is it that so many organisations still struggle to (a) understand what an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) is and (b) how it might benefit their business. Despite the fact that social networking technology has been around for over 10 … Continue reading

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Influence: What Are Tools Like Klout Really Measuring?

See on – The Social Web A very interesting comparison of several measurement tools and what they really measure. [note mg] For marketers, PR professionals and customer service teams, personal influence measurement tools can save time and help facilitate … Continue reading

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What’s the point of Jelly?

I have to admit I’m attracted to anything new and shiny, and particularly products and services that aim to create or propagate value through networks and networking. I was therefore intrigued by the recent launch of Jelly, which has the … Continue reading

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5 New Year resolutions that might make you more interesting (or less annoying).

Having trouble deciding what your New Year resolution should be? Looking for something challenging, or maybe even life changing? Here’s a few behaviour changes to ponder, any one of which would potentially improve my own social media/social networking experience and … Continue reading

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13 Social Media Statistics For 2013

Useful to see where we are with Social Media as we approach the end of the year (2013). Nothing too surprising here, i.e. the numbers just get bigger. Key statistics and trends from the Infographic: 30 percent of traffic from … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of Social Media And Its Effect On Knowledge Organisation

This presentation examines the industry trends on how social media and social technologies are changing the way that we generate, organise and consume knowledge, and how this is driving emergent digital literacies for knowledge workers. Continue reading

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The 2013 Social Media Landscape [Infographic] – Brian Solis

See on – The Social Web Stephen Dale‘s insight: I’ve kept track of the various iterations of Brian Solis’s Conversation Prism since he first made this available (Version 1) in 2008. This is the latest version (Version 4) which … Continue reading

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What has Yahoo! Actually Acquired: A Snapshot of Tumblr in Q1 2013 – GlobalWebIndex

Yesterday (20th May 2013) Yahoo! finally confirmed its all-cash acquisition of the social media platform, Tumblr. Will there be a conflict of demographics, i.e.Yahoo’s more sedate and aged demographic vs.Tumblr’s young, cool, informed and fickle user-base? Time will tell! Continue reading

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How effective are you at multi-tasking?

We all do it, and some say that women can do it better than men. Yes, multi-tasking. There has doubtless been some empirical research on this topic, but if you’d prefer a more engaging way of discovering the truth or … Continue reading

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