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Connecting Knowledge Communities

The forthcoming NetIKX event “Connecting Knowledge Communities“, scheduled for Wednesday 23rd September, is shaping up to be one of those ‘must attend’ events for anyone who is confused (or bemused) at the plethora of different groups and communities dedicated to … Continue reading

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What we can learn from children

Children are unencumbered from business protocols, corporate hierarchies and other conformist behaviours, they say what they think, and act instinctively. But how much of this child-like behaviour is hard-wired into our personas? Do we all behave a bit like children in the way that we share and collaborate? Continue reading

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The ART Of Collaboration (Collaborative Behaviours)

If people are given the right tools and the right environment, will they spontaneously collaborate and share knowledge? Why do some people find it difficult to share and collaborate? Would incentives and rewards make a difference? This post explores answers to these and other questions about Collaborative Behaviours. Continue reading

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