Bookmarks for June 5th through June 8th

These are my links for June 5th through June 8th:

  • Reviving Community Indicators – Learning | Full Circle Associates
  • Eric Pickles – New era of transparency will bring about a revolution in town hall openness and accountability – Corporate – Communities and Local Government – Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Local Government Association Chair Baroness Eaton joined forces today to urge all councils to publish details of all spending over £500 in full and online as part of wider action to bring about a revolution in town hall openness and accountability.
  • OpenPSI – Open PSI is a collaboration between the University of Southampton and the UK government, lead by the National Archive, to trial a new form of community provisioned information service. This is a new form of "community provisioned" Information Service where we hope to stimulate interaction between the following communities: public sector information publishers, the research community, mashup creators
  • – This is our first attempt at producing a way to navigate around the 3.2m data items released by the UK government as part of Coins. Scroll down the page to choose which chunk of data you'd like to explore – and let us know what you find.<br />
    <br />
    Find out what the acronyms mean with our glossary.
  • Publishing itemised local authority expenditure – advice for comment | – The Prime Minister and CLG Ministers wish to see local authorities publish granular local spending data. The Public Sector Transparency Board has been set up to drive an open data agenda. The Prime Minister has made a specific commitment that new items of local government spending over £500 be published on a council-by-council basis from January 2011.… Many local authorities also wish to publish such data. Camden Council asked the Panel for advice on publishing information about payments to suppliers greater than £500 in value.
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