Power To The Online People

If the 20th century was the industrial age, then surely the 21st century will be considered as the “knowledge age”. The Internet has revolutionised the way that work gets done, how we communicate, how we socialise, how we learn. It has providing unparalleled opportunities for connecting, collaborating and sharing knowledge. It has shaped key events that have affected the lives of millions of people through the power of mass collaboration and access to instant information.

This infographic shows some of the events in our recent history that have been influenced by an increasingly connected world, where shared knowledge and a common cause has delivered power to the (online) people!
Power To The Online People

Created by:  Open-site.org

About Steve Dale

Stephen Dale is both an evangelist and practitioner in the use of Web 2.0 technologies and Social Media applications to support personal development and knowledge sharing. He has a deep understanding of how systems and technology can be used to support learning and facilitate smarter working, where connections and conversations are the key to self-development and creativity within the organisation.
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