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Connecting Knowledge Communities

The forthcoming NetIKX event “Connecting Knowledge Communities“, scheduled for Wednesday 23rd September, is shaping up to be one of those ‘must attend’ events for anyone who is confused (or bemused) at the plethora of different groups and communities dedicated to … Continue reading

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Wider Horizons For Information Audit

It’s a paradox of our time that the more information that organisations create or consume, the less they understand it. Specifically, most organisations don’t know what information they’ve got, where it came from, where it is stored, who owns it, … Continue reading

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Content Curation Primer

The Internet is a wonderful invention. We can find out almost anything we need to know, from cures for rashes to what’s on at the local cinema to the recipe for chocolate cake. We’ve come to expect that whatever we … Continue reading

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Online Information Conference & Show Closes

As reported in a brief statement posted to the Online Information Conference website, there will not be an exhibition or conference this year, 2014, with no certainty that it will re-appear in the future. Another victim of these austere times … Continue reading

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Email is dead: Long live email!

Am I the only sceptic that is prepared to challenge the “great myth” that email is the root cause of worker inefficiency and the blight of our 21st century lives? Perhaps this seems odd coming from someone who is an advocate for social technology as an enabler for more effective sharing and collaboration. Continue reading

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Information Management: Evolution or Revolution?

What is the future for the Information Professional? ‘Big Data’, open data, linked data, data visualisation, social technology.  Data and information is coming at us from all directions and in a variety of formats. Are we managing all of this, … Continue reading

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What makes a good knowledge professional?

Some reflections on my experience at the Exploiting Knowledge and Information symposium held at Cranfield University on 1-2 October 2008. The event was sponsored by the UK Government’s Knowledge Council. Given this was an event for senior civil servants I … Continue reading

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